AKA: "Saylor Blue"
AKC: DN53588704
ASCA: E206561
DOB: 05/02/2018
Height: (to date) 20.5"
Weight: (to date) 45 LBS
OFA Eyes: Clear
OFA DJD: pending
OFA Hip: pending
OFA Elbow: pending
OFA Thyroid: pending
PennHIP: pending
GCH/CH/INTL CH Harmony Hills x Malpaso Lineage

Turnin' The Herd a Malpaso's Blue Broken Arrow - DNA VP

The cornerstone of our program is mentorship, partnership, and a life-long relationship with every Broken Arrow Aussie family.  We pride ourselves on developing lines that pass on Breed standard traits, lines that are DNA sound, and continuing the legacy of great Aussies.  Our number one commitment is to our breed, our families, and our dogs!

Nautch Girl Labakan Slovakia - DNA CP

DNA / Color & Coat Trait Certs:
NHEJ1: clear
CNGB3: clear
SOD1 (DM): clear
HSF4: clear
SLC2A9: clear
ABCB1 (MDR1) : WT/M - Carrier - not affected
BEST1: clear
CLN6: clear
PRCD: clear
PHA - Negative
B Locus: B/b
D Locus: D/D - non-Dilute

M Locus: m/M SINE 267                  T locus: t/t - Non NBT

AKA - "Sylver"
AKC #: DN53024101
ASCA #: F204690
DOB: 12/05/2017
Height: 21"
Weight: 49 lbs
OFA Eyes:  Normal
OFA DJD: Pending
OFA Hip: Pending
OFA Elbow: Pending
OFA Thyroid: Pending
PennHIP: Pending
GCH/CH Bayshore/GCH/CH Thornapple Lineage

DNA / Color Coat & Trait Certs.
NHEJ1 - clear
CNGB3: clear
SOD1 (DM):  clear
HSF4: clear
SLC2A9: clear
ABCB1 (MDR1): clear
BEST1: clear
CLN6: clear
PRCD: clear
B Locus (Vemodia): B/b:  Bs/Bs (N/P), Bd/Bd, Bc/Bc
CU Locus: CU/CU
D Locus: D/D - non-dilute
E Locus: E/E
I Locus: IC/IC
K Locus: ky/ky
L Locus: Lh/Lh
M Locus: m/M (m/[Mc+]/Mh+: SINE -235/-269
SD Locus: sd/SD
S Locus: S/S non-piebald
T Locus: t/t non-NBT